Did someone order a longanisa corn dog? At the dinner, you can get this paired with a Superfluid. Mmmm.  Photo by Joe Hakim.

Did someone order a longanisa corn dog? At the dinner, you can get this paired with a Superfluid. Mmmm.

Photo by Joe Hakim.

As a business that highlights Michigan produce and other products, we are proud to announce that we are taking our pop-up on the road to Tap30 in beautiful Petoskey!

Collaborating with other Michigan-focused businesses is at the heart of what we do. When Scott Peyerk, bar manager at Tap 30, approached us to come to Petoskey, we knew this was the perfect first out-of-town collaborative dinner for us to share our interpretation of Filipino food.

And our food will be paired with Short’s beer – it doesn’t get better than that.

Rachel Payne, beer liberator from the popular northern Michigan brewery, has selected brews that match up to the food from the first course to the last course. For example, the first course of lumpia shanghai (fried spring rolls) will be paired with a Cerveza de Julie.

“Cerveza de Julie's refreshingly tart and snappy mouth-feel rolls over the palette after the savory sweet and sour crunch of the Lumpia Shanghai,” Payne previews. To end things on a sweet note, Payne says, “the multitude of fresh ingredients of the halo-halo embrace a continuation of flavors while intermingling a sip of the Woodmaster with its toasting flavors of toasted pecans and maple syrup.” 

This is the first pop-up dinner at Tap 30, which is exploring doing more in the future.

“At Tap 30 our goal is to be a conduit for happy memories and new experiences with beer and food,” Peyerk says.

“Sarap is doing something very special as a pop-up and its unique take on authentic Filipino cuisine,” says Peyerk, who spent some time in Hawaii. “To me, (Filipino food) is like comfort food. Pork Adobo and Chicken Adobo are like the meat and potato that I grew up with only with rice instead.”


Welcome Cocktail: Soft Parade Mojito

Course 1
Lumpia shanghai (Filipino fried eggrolls with ground beef, served with
pickles and sweet and sour sauce)
Beer pairing: Cerveza De Julie

Course 2
Longanisa corn dog (Filipino-style sausage deep fried in corn batter) with achara (pickled green papaya) and banana ketchup
Beer pairing: Superfluid

Course 3
Chicken adobo (chicken braised in coconut milk, soy sauce and
Beer pairing: Magician

Course 4
Pancit palabok (noodles with a seafood-pork sauce topped with pork rinds,
green onions, and shrimp)
Beer pairing: Peachy Pom Pom

Course 5
Sisig stuffed lechon (pig's ears and belly sauteed in garlic, chilies, soy, lemon, egg and chicken liver, then stuffed into a pork belly, then roasted porchetta style) served with ginataang kabocha (coconut braised squash) and steamed white rice with roasted garlic oil
Beer pairing: Snake Juice

Course 6
Halo halo (shaved ice desesrt topped with jackfruit, macapuno, toasted coconut, red beans, and homemade ube ice cream) 
Beer pairing: Woodmaster