Our next pop-up is going to be at Checker Bar's POP and we are so excited with this menu. Pulutan, if you are unfamiliar, comes from the Tagalog word pulot, which basically means "to pick up," so in other words finger foods. As if that weren't already awesome, pulutan is not complete without a tasty adult beverage. These are the kinds of foods you'll find on the streets and bars of the Philippines, and it's getting more popular here at joints on the east and west coasts.

Since we didn't see anything like that here, we decided pulutan would make for the perfect menu for POP. We had a lot of fun coming up with the menu. Some of the dishes are more traditional and straightforward: the spicy goodness of sisig, topped with a duck egg, and a chicken trio that features none other than the beloved chicken feet (which we Filipinos cleverly refer to as Adidas). Some other fun names for pulutan: the Walkman, for barbecued pig ears, and Betamax, for congealed pork or chicken blood. Long live the '80s.

In true Sarap fashion, we have taken some of our favorite bar foods and melded it with Filipino flavors: pork adobo quesadillas with achara, longaniza corn dogs with banana ketchup, and lechon kawali BLT sliders on ube pandesal.

We hope you will join us for some bar snacks and drinks on June 11!

fried lumpia                                    
ground lamb, sweet and sour sauce, pickles, sprouts

vegetarian option: mushrooms

lechon kawali blt sliders                      
braised then fried pork belly, pandesal bun, romaine, mayo, tomato

vegetarian option: tempeh

chicken trio                                    
liver + trotter + wing, served with parsnip, bittermelon, and long bean pickles

longaniza corn dog                      
House-made Filipino-style sausage with Sarap banana ketchup

mackerel kinilaw taco                
mackerel prepared ceviche style in root vegetable shell

pork adobo quesadilla                
slow-roasted pork adobo on Detroit-made corn tortilla, house-made achara, cilantro-ginger aioli

vegetarian option: tempeh

braised then sautéed pork with chilies, duck egg, garlic fried rice

Menu subject to change due to availability of locally sourced ingredients

This menu contains soy, shellfish and or fish, eggs and wheat.* Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness. *

photo credit: tselogs chicken sisig via photopin license