Mmm, crispy pork belly! Photo by Dorothy Hernandez

Mmm, crispy pork belly! Photo by Dorothy Hernandez

We had another successful test kitchen session over the weekend (can you say chicharron-crusted shrimp? Oh yeah, it's happening) and we are ready to share our menu for the Aug. 16 dinner at Great Lakes Culinary Center. Make sure to reserve today because we won't be able to accommodate walk-ins.


fried lumpia: ground pork and beef, sweet chili sauce, pickles, sprouts (vegetarian option: TVP and mushrooms)


lechon kawali: deep-fried pork belly, seasonal greens, citrus vinaigrette (vegetarian option: tempeh)


pancit palabok: rice noodles, pork and shrimp sauce, chicharron-crusted shrimp, seasonal vegetables, garnished with scallions and hard-boiled eggs


adobo with garlic fried rice: chicken wings braised in coconut milk, vinegar, and soy sauce served with rice (vegetarian option: root vegetables)


halo halo ice cream sandwiches: sugar cookies, coconut ice cream, red beans, jackfruit, toasted coconut